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Mind Mastery Meditation Classes with Hypnosis

Log on and learn how to:


  • Create Understanding in your life

  • Manifest your true desires

  • Understand the laws of the Universe

  • Cultivate abundance and prosperity

  • Become more spiritually energized

  • Become balanced in present time

Virtual Wednesday Night Meditation:

Wednesday  7:00-8:30 PM

$28.00 per class on Zoom Video 

$75.00 per month with membership  

(includes library of pre-recorded classes)


Suffering from some serious brain frazzle? Give your psyche a much-needed respite with this meditation class! Diane's innovative approach to the art of meditation, with instruction is designed to heal and rejuvenate the body and mind. This class is designed to help bolster your harmonization with the world, manifest your true desires, and may even help you understand the fundamental laws of the universe. Not bad, huh? Studies have shown that regular meditation can help reduce stress and promote emotional balance, in addition to a slew of physical benefits. For those with an open approach to spirituality, this is a great class to get started. Your brain will thank you later!

Upcoming Retreats! 

Retreats for 2024 will be announced soon!
Please check back for dates details or join our mailing list for the latest updates and priority access. 

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