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Diane offers intuitive/energy 
counseling and coaching for your personal and business needs. Psychic/intuitive readings are also able to give you the answers and understanding you need to be able to live a happier life and to reach your goals. Contact Diane to see what kind counseling will help you  move forward. 
Appointments are available anywhere worldwide through Skype, Zoom or over the phone.
Ask about your free "Intro to Meditation" CD when you come in for a reading or energy healing appointment!

Spiritual Transpersonal Release Technique Healing:


One of the most powerful therapies on the planet is the Spiritual Transpersonal Release Technique. This was once known as Retro Clearing endearingly referred to as a spiritual roto rooter. It is a technique that transfers powerful consciousness and energy to the recipient allowing them to heal, quickly and gracefully, any mental or emotional wounds, traumas or wrong conclusions from past experiences. This includes past lives and any unseen negative influences as well. Many of our fears and phobias often do not have any base of origin in this life. This is when past lives have to be taken into account. Where does a child prodigy obtain the ability to play beautiful music, access knowledge beyond their present understanding? Where does the inspiration come from in all great works or art or science? We are more than the sum total of this lifes experience. Our mental and emotional bodies are affected by unseen spiritual forces in positive and negative ways. It is time to open to the positive and heal the negative.

Transpersonal Energy Release

Intuitive Readings & Counseling

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