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I have been seeing Diane at Healing Bodies Healing Souls for over five months now, and attend her weekly meditation class on Wednesdays and Thursdays. She helps me de-stress and re-energize everytime. It's an hour and a half of personal time that I really enjoy and that heals me at the same time. Highly recommend it to anyone that's in search of self-improvement and self awareness. One easily gets tied up life and forgets that you are in the driver seat. Diane reminds you of this and guides you through. This meditation class is for everyone...first timers or experienced meditators. Diane also does personal healing sessions. Really amazing work! If you can't make the weekly class, call her up for a personal appointment. She is very flexible and can accommodate busy schedules and has evening and weekend appointments.


Diane Gysin leads the meditation classes here. She has other pranic healing services available that are reasonably priced, yet immensely rewarding. The meditation classes I've attended are 1 1/2 hours. Whenever I've left the class I've felt grounded and with a purposeful plan for my life. Diane gives of her heart & soul to help others. She has the experience and background to help one change their lives for their greatest potential. My life dramatically changed for the better after working with Diane. Attend a meditation class for a great de-stressor or how to learn how to take charge of your life. Her energy sessions work magic too!

After coming to see you, I now understand how good I can feel.

Thank you for giving me clarity in my life and inspiring me to move forward. After your energy work, I felt like I could handle anything. Thanks for boosting my energy level up and showing me how great my life can be. I now feel like I am dreaming higher and getting better.

The information you gave me helped me make the best decision of my life. With your help I have tripled my income. Without your help I know I would not be where I am right now. Thank you.

After my very first meditation class, I sleep the best I have ever slept in 20 years. I also woke up feeling like I wanted to make more happen in life. I look forward to more classes.

Thanks for showing me that I actually have more control over my life that I ever thought possible. I'm taking better actions.

When I left your office, I told you I would be a better man the next time you saw  me. I heard everything you said and I now get it. Thank you for inspiring me to look at my life and take action.

Thanks for working on my brother last night, he went through the surgery far better than any of the doctors had hoped. He actually was able to go home the same day.

It was so amazing how soothing your voice was during your meditation class.  I was worried, I would not be able to meditate, but I now I know I can.

I went to work after my Reiki class and my hands where so hot my clients thought I had a fever. I feel better, happier, and more in control! Thanks for spending so much one on one time with me. I really enjoyed your class and wisdom.

Thanks for working on my back. I was so amazed that you could take the pain out of my back in 10 minutes without even touching me. I will call you every time I need my back worked on.

Thanks for healing my wrist through the cast. I was told I would need a lot of physical therapy because of the kind of break. I was very worried about the money since I did not have any insurance. After you worked on my wrist, I went to the doctor to have the cast off. He said I needed NO therapy and my wrist was healed.

Diane, I will always be grateful for you helping me on my wedding day. I could not have enjoyed my reception the way I was when I showed up. You, saved my wedding day by balancing out my energy.

Diane has been so helpful during a life transition I've been through. I attended a few weeks and we worked on the energy around my wedding and marriage itself. Everything went off with out a hitch and the wedding was wonderful.

Diane is caring and light hearted and able to help you get to the core of the issue at hand


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